Transformation Week 07: Slef Love — Sue Bryce — Free download

A Journey to Self Worth

For 30 years, I’ve been having intimate conversations with women about fear, body image, and finding love. Over those years I started to search for what self-esteem is, why are we not good enough, where does this belief that we’re unlovable come from, and who are we supposed to be good enough for?

I could see my own struggles and pain in all of these women, and through this process I became obsessed with transformation. Can I change my life, and am I allowed to? You will never attract more than you believe you are worth, so let’s change that. “Transform” became my word and my superpower. In life, in love, in money, and in business.

This 15-week workshop series is for any woman that has ever looked in the mirror and didn’t feel good enough about herself:

  • What do you want?
  • Everything That Stops You
  • The Challenge: What do you REALLY Want?
  • Decide / Define / Declare
  • The Wounded Child
  • Bring out The Horrible Thing
  • Fear / Ego / Survival
  • Everything That Stops You
  • Body Talk
  • Weight
  • Money Blocks
  • Family / Relationships
  • Love
  • Daily Practice / Intention / Peace of Mind
  • I Love You / I Loathe You

In this course, I’m setting out to empower as many women in the world as I can to discover their self-worth. Because the journey to self-love will change your life. This lack of confidence you have, this unlovable belief, this extra weight you carry, this lack of or deficit that you have that you think is holding you back is pure self-hate, and you can heal this. You are not broken.

This TRANSFORMATION series started on March 21st.


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