Sue Bryce Photography – Start Up Stobe Kit | File size 829.4 MB | Free download

Learn some basic and beautiful one and two light strobe setups.

Can she do that with cheap lights?

I’d like to see her try that with a starter kit!

How much is a starter kit?

How do I use a starter kit?

I listened, and here it is… the Elinchrom D-Lite 4 Start kit with two modifiers, total retail price $800 two lights and two modifiers!

No one took longer than me to use strobes in my studio because I hated the “Strobe” look and then I met Felix Kunze and he taught me how to replicate MY light with strobes and now I am in love.

In this course I will show you four different modifiers.  I will show you where to put them, how to use them,  and show you multiple lighting looks. I will then finish them in post-production for these amazing looks

Course Includes:

3 detailed videos – 1 hour, 06minutes of video

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