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Over the last six months I have recorded and scripted every word around portrait sales. From pricing your work, booking the client, all the way through getting the money in the bank.

This month will transform your business and your life by teaching you to sell with confidence.

When I first went out on my own, I hit rock bottom. I desperately wanted to thrive in business, and I loved my folio. But I discovered I couldn’t sell, hated selling, had an intense fear of rejection, and a complete fear of money. Bottom line: I wasn’t selling myself, I wasn’t receiving money, and I certainly was not valuing myself and my work.

This month’s focus on sales is not an exercise in getting rich quick. It’s about getting paid for your work and your talent. I am not a trust fund baby. I did the work, and you can too. I simply learned to sell with confidence and value. And this month I show you how.


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