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30. Stunning soft and contoured lighting

Creating soft, flattering lighting for portrait photography couldn’t be easier. In this portrait photography class Karl uses a two light setup to create a beautiful contoured lighting effect.

Course Objectives:

  • How to use softboxes for portrait photography
  • Learn how to create soft light using studio lights
  • Two light setup ideas for portrait photography
  • How to use reflectors to create additional fill light and control shadows
  • Learn to control light in a small studio

I used two large softboxes for this shoot, knowing I wanted to create a soft, flattering lighting. Although softboxes are renowned for producing soft lighting, this only works when they’re used in the correct position.

I started by placing a softbox either side of my model, angled inwards. Placing them in such a way allowed me not only to control the contouring on the model’s face, but also the amount of light that spilled onto the background.

For this shoot we were working in a small studio, which meant there was a lot of light bouncing around. To control the light in a small studio, I recommend darkening your walls and ceiling when needed. This can be done by having dark material covering the walls (such as curtains or drapes) or by simply painting the walls (as we’d done for this shoot).

Limited to only two lights, I decided to use a reflector to soften the shadows and add some extra light on the left side of the model’s face. I tried a white fill card and silver reflector to see which result I preferred, eventually opting for the softer white reflector.

This lighting setup shows just how effective a simple lighting setup with softboxes can be. By positioning the softboxes correctly and taking the time to adjust them and add a reflector, I was able to create a really striking series of images with just two lights and affordable modifiers.

If you’re looking for more softbox lighting setup ideas, I’ve put together a collection of our most viewed classes:

  • Soft single light
  • Contoured single soft light
  • Enchanting two light result

If you have any questions about the class, please post in the comment section below.

Note: This photography class is available with English subtitles.


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