StichMethod Blues Master Class Part 1. | File Size 1.32 GB | Last updated 3/2017 | Free download

What you’ll learn

  • Play An Amazing Amount of Blues Concepts in Three Connecting Pentatonic Shapes. Understand what it really means to Solo and know how to Play Blues Chords.. and so much more.


  • Hi Everyone, first and foremost, this class was designed for my YouTube Subscribers. If you are interested in this class. Find “StichMethod Guitar” on YouTube and watch my FREE “Blues Primer” Playlist first. It is a Pre-Requisite. You will get to know my style and delivery method.


The Blues is a concept. It is a calculated approach on guitar. It is not handed down from the Guitar Gods. It is easy, It is practical and MOST importantly it CAN be Understood. Discovery how your Blues Favorites Can walk on stage without with no worries and blow your mind. It is doable, they are human, you are human, you just need to see how they see it. Hope you Enjoy! Please Make Sure you watch my FREE Blues Primer Playlist on my YouTube Channel : StichMethod Guitar. It gives you a foundation and the thought process of how this course works.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to give up on the Blues. Anyone who hasn’t found an actual teacher that can teach the concepts of the Blues with ease. Anyone who wants to Finally understand how the guitar really works.


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Course content:

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