Vance Powell Episode 12 Mixing Part 3 — PUREMIX — Free download

The vibe is there, the tones are amazing, it’s time to put the final polish on the mix.

In the final episode of mixing “Sweet Beast” from “Illiterate Light”, Vance irons out the fine details and adds the last bit of flavor to the mix.

Watch as Vance:

  • Explains SSL Console Automation
  • Automates the vocals to create the feeling of falling off a cliff in between sections
  • Rides the guitar faders to build energy and focus on highlights in the parts
  • Uses the absolute automation mode to add personality to the mix
  • Automates a rotary speaker at the end of the solo for a massive exit
  • Explains the extremely rare SSL screen that happened to come up while the cameras were rolling!
  • Write this one down… “Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should”
  • A/Bs the output of the SSL desk to the output of the 2192 A/D Converter so you can hear how the A/D affects the mix.
  • Cleans the heads on the ATR-102 tape machine used for printing the mix
  • Explains his favorite tape formula

Once you’ve seen how Vance mixed it, download the full session that Vance and the band created over the past 12 episodes and mix it for yourself!

DOWNLOAD   (download)
863.69 MB

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