Learn Scales and Chords (Piano, Guitar, or any Instrument) | File Size 1.83 GB | Last updated 4/2018 | Free download

What you’ll learn

  • Play through all the Major Scales (Keys)
  • Play any chord
  • Understand Minor Scales (the modes)
  • Figure out what Key a song is in
  • Understand and play from a Chord Chart


  • It would be best to have an instrument available to start to apply the skills you learn in this course
  • No software required
  • Having a basic understanding of music will be helpful but not required.


So many people want to learn music but end up learning to copy what we see on an instrument. I wanted to know more about music than just what is written on the sheet music. I have learned so much since I started my music journey and the foundation is understanding scales and chords.

What does this course teach you?

This course teaches you scales and chords which all your favorite songs are based on. Once you are comfortable and “really” understand the scale your song is written in then the song becomes so much easier. It will cover:

  • Major Scales
  • Minor Scales (modes)
  • Different ways to learn your scales
  • Major, minor, Diminished, and Augmented chords
  • How to read chord variations (sus, 7th, dom7, 5 chords)
  • How to read chord charts
  • How to transpose songs (change the scale or key of the song)

We are going to try very hard to explain all the material in several ways, because everyone learns differently. We are also going to explain a lot of the terms of music so you don’t have to have a musical dictionary at hand. Most of the terms are very basic in music that we will us.

This course includes video of me explaining the process. It also has exercises for you to try out on your and multiple downloads to look over offline.

Music is a process.

There are some really smart people that might memorize the facts of this course in a week or so. Music is a process though and not just facts. I will show you ways and exercises to use the knowledge in this course in practical ways so the information actually stays with you.

Why should you take this course?

You can take music lessons your whole life and rely on what people tell you. Many people continue to need others to tell them what to do. I won’t be telling you how you should be playing your music at all in this course. I am giving you a tool to understand music. Some people leave the traditional teaching system and go to online song tutorials for their music help but you are still often just listening to someone tell how “they” play the song. This course will show you how to understand the music for yourself and make decisions on how it should be played. It will give you the foundation to not just play music but to create it.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for anyone who wants a good foundation in music to freely play whatever they want
  • This course is for someone who wants to figure out how to play the songs they want without someone telling exactly how to play it
  • This course probably isn’t for you if you are looking to learn a single song. It is a better understanding of music as a whole.
  • This course will let you look at any song and start to understand why it is written that way
  • This course will help you understand what the music will be doing before you even start to play it.
  • This course would be great for learning more regardless of what instrument you play but piano examples are heavily used


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Course content: https://www.udemy.com/course/understanding-scales-and-chords/

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