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Sound Of Silence: Compelling Headphone Images

This is a product photography tutorial for the Professional Interactive Education Program, Workshop #83

When it comes to product photography, it’s not always enough for the product to take center stage; sometimes you need to offer detail shots that trigger an emotional resonance in the viewer—that almost indescribable, “I gotta have it, now!” response that compels someone to indulge in a luxury purchase.

You see it all the time with everything from luxury automobiles to, well, vacuum cleaners. It’s about selling a luxury experience, about our fascination with smooth curves and clean lines. In this workshop, we apply this approach to some basic consumer headphones. Are they the most expensive? Nope. Is their sound quality unrivaled? Unlikely. In fact, they are what they are: a pair of mid-grade over-the-ear noise cancelling headphones. Without actually hearing them, how can you be convinced you need to have them? Compelling visuals.

In this advanced photography workshop, you will learn how to shoot a pair of headphones, including some closeup details, using a simple suspension rig to create the perfect orientation. Then, we’ll take you through the complete post-production process to bring out the absolute best in the product. Adding such visually compelling images to your portfolio and social media is a great way to grab attention.

As a professional photographer, you can reap significant benefits from participating in our workshops that you can immediately apply to your own commercial work. As a student of photography looking to expand your technical and creative skills, you’ll find our workshops are the perfect way to gain hands-on experience across the spectrum of product photography.

Your instructors for this workshop are Alex Koloskov and Artem Pissarevskiy. They will explain:

  1. How to overcome both photography and post-production-related challenges when working with a consumer product close-up.
  2. What studio lights and modifiers to use and how to use them for dramatic effects in a small studio.
  3. What final steps need to be made for the best in-camera results.
  4. How to enhance your final image using editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, to create a commercial-quality result.


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