Social Media Marketing World Session 2020 — Social Media Examiner — Free download

Facebook Ads

Below you’ll find the sessions focused on Facebook Ads. This track is included with your All-Access or Marketer ticket.

Advanced Facebook Ad Techniques for 2020 and Beyond
By Jon Loomer

Topic: Facebook Advertising

How to Write Facebook Ads that Work: Tips from the Trenches
By Molly Pittman

Topic: Writing Facebook Ads

How to Get More Leads and Sales With Your Facebook and Instagram Ads
By Rick Mulready

Topic: Facebook Advertising

How to Use Facebook Ad Analytics to Improve Your Performance: A Deep Dive
By Andrea Vahl

Topic: Facebook Advertising

Words That Sell ANYTHING! How to Write High Converting Facebook Ads
By Ken Moskowitz

Topic: Writing Facebook Ads


Social-Media-Marketing-World-Session-2020.part01.rar  (4.00 GB)
Social-Media-Marketing-World-Session-2020.part02.rar  (4.00 GB)
Social-Media-Marketing-World-Session-2020.part03.rar  (4.00 GB)
Social-Media-Marketing-World-Session-2020.part04.rar  (4.00 GB)
Social-Media-Marketing-World-Session-2020.part05.rar  (4.00 GB)
Social-Media-Marketing-World-Session-2020.part06.rar  (4.00 GB)
Social-Media-Marketing-World-Session-2020.part07.rar  (4.00 GB)
Social-Media-Marketing-World-Session-2020.part08.rar  (4.00 GB)
Social-Media-Marketing-World-Session-2020.part09.rar  (3.93 GB)

Course content:

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shahzad fida

Thanks for such site. Initially, the site was working but now the file can not be downloaded from it. It comes with the message that file of large size size can not be download. And then say to register. I am registered but still the file do not download. And i have not enough resources to buy the course. so please help.

Course Digger

We are making adjustments next couple of days.
Thanks for still being with us 🙂