Mastering Lightroom (Premium) — SLR Lounge — Free download

Introduction + Chapter One
What Is Lightroom?
The Seven Lightroom Modules & Our Two Focuses

Chapter Two
How to Create a Lightroom Catalog & Import Photos
The 5 Primary Purposes of the Library Module
The 4 Library View Modes and Their Purpose
The Lightroom Interface & Our Favorite Shortcuts
How to Quickly Cull Images in Lightroom
How to Modify Metadata and Create Presets
How to Rename Images
Understanding the Export Dialogue

Chapter Three
The Purpose and Layout of the Develop Module
Working on a High-Quality Display
Raw vs. Jpeg Processing
The Basics of Color Correction
The Unknown Power of Curves
Advanced Color Mapping Through HSL, Split Toning, Camera Calibration
Detail, Noise, Lens Correction & Effects
Fantastic Black and White Conversions
Transform to Fix Lines
How to Create Powerful Presets
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Chapter Four
How to Optimize Lightroom Performance
How to Customize Lightroom Preferences
How to Fix Broken Image References
How to Create an Image Watermark
How to Customize the Identity Plate + View Modes
Setting Up a Tethered Import

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Course content:

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