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Spend a few hours with me where I will show you how to create magic against the backdrop of NYC with a GROUP of children. If you find yourself wondering how to style, pose and choose the correct settings when shooting a group, then this is for you. I will explain my entire process start to finish while you watch me spend the afternoon with all of my favorite children.

  • Segment 1: Pre-Shoot Lesson. Before we step out to the streets of New York, you will join me and and a small group of attendees as we discuss all the whys and hows of this business and how to find your voice and translate your vision.
  • Segment 2: The NYC Skyline. We will broadcast live from a New York neighborhood right before sunset which is my favorite time to shoot. I will demonstrate how I find and harness the light, how I pose and connect with groups of subjects. I will go over my settings and why I have chosen them. You will watch me work with individual in-person students while we focus on a variety of topics.
  • Segment 3: Editing. At the end of the day we’ll finish up while I demonstrate my editing workflow. We will conclude with the perfect examples of how to turn your vision into beauty.

We recorded this workshop live in New York.


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