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Simple Studio Newborn is the next workshop in our very popular Simple Studio series. Join us as we prepare, shoot, and edit a full newborn session from beginning to end.

This workshop starts with a lighting discussion with Meg.

Next, Niki will be posing and shooting while focussing on baby safety, while speaking through her process. In accordance with our simple one light set up, you will get to watch her work through a set of poses with the baby to capture an entire gallery of images in approximately two hours instead of struggling for hours with a newborn baby. She will show you how she uses her wrapping techniques and prop selections in her consistent workflow of poses.

In these videos, Niki shows step-by-step how she flows between each of these nine newborn poses:

  1. Basic Wrap
  2. Huck Finn
  3. Bottoms Up
  4. Side Pose
  5. Head on Hands
  6. Fluff Prop
  7. Potato Sack
  8. Box Prop
  9. Basket Prop

And to show the real-world challenges of newborn posing, there are two sessions. One with a sleepy baby to show the ideal circumstances, and one with a not-so-sleepy baby.

Finally, Meg edits two images in Photoshop with her unique style. Watch her add her special touch to the images, and teach you how to apply her techniques to add magic to your own images as well.


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Course content:

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