ShootCreateCaptivate – “On The Road Again” – Post Processing Tutorial | File size 1.3 | Freedownload

Runtime: Approx 41 mins

Format: MP4

Skill level: Any

Format: mp4 video download so you can watch as many times as your like (Video link upon request)

In this post processing tutorial you will learn:

  • The essential components of what created the tonalities in the image
  • The secret 3 key elements I look for in my images
  • Basic adjustments in Lightroom and painting with the clarity brush
  • Color correction and other tips to changing color of elements in the image
  • Removing distractions effectively
  • Using curves adjustments
  • Raw Camera Filter adjustments
  • Viveza and Colorfex Pro 4 filters in the Niksoft Collection

There’s a number of little tips I drop into the conversation during the edit.

Basic requirements:  Adobe Photoshop CS4 – Adobe Photoshop cc 2018. Adobe Lightroom 5 – Adobe Lightroom cc (Classic). Niksoft Collection

Please click HERE to download the action used in the tutorial!

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