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“Hello Sunshine” – Post Process Tutorial

Runtime Approx: 43mins

Skill Level: Any

Format: mp4 video download so you can watch as many times as your like (Video link upon request)

Come join Amy and me for an afternoon summer sunshine shoot!

We discuss everything from the time of day to how we lit the photograph and of course how we finished the final image in Photoshop. We’ll learn:

  • To take advantage of late afternoons and clouds to create beautiful yet subtle backlighting
  • how to use curves color selections to bring focus to areas of the image
  • To take note of distracting elements in images and how to avoid them
  • Create adjustment layers to target colors
  • Basics of synchronizing image adjustments in Lightroom

As with all of our post-processing tutorials, the session comes with a host of tips and tricks that will help you to go out and enjoy taking images with a different perspective!

Basic requirements:  Adobe Photoshop CS4 – Adobe Photoshop cc 2018. Adobe Lightroom 5 – Adobe Lightroom cc (Classic). Niksoft Collection

Please click HERE to download the action used in the tutorial!

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Course content:

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