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From the basics of color theory to more advanced color techniques, Lindsay will explore the emotions that different colors evoke. In two scenarios you’ll learn how to use colored gels in a three light setup as a fill light, as well as the main and background light. And you’ll find out how to produce creative effects with water spray and how to change the mood in your photographs by using both warm and cool tones to create two distinct fashion looks. Take a look at some of the stunning results in our course portfolio.

Lighting skill level: Intermediate

Duration: 1h 1 min

Discover how to:

  • Plan your shoot with a color theme to match your concept
  • Apply basic color theory in photography
  • Use colors to evoke emotion in a photograph
  • Work with gels for backgrounds,
  • Use gels to fill shadows and rim lights
  • Photograph with grids to control spill light

Essential information

Here are some things that are good to know, as well as useful gear to use for this course. These are simply recommendations, not requirements.

Recommended gear

  • 3 x for off-camera use
  • 1 x beauty dish or similar light modifier of your choice
  • 1 x grid
  • 1 x color gel

Useful knowledge

  • Lighting skill level: Intermediate
    • Some understanding of artificial lighting and how it impacts an image
    • Experience of working with additional lighting to achieve a specific look
  • Camera skill level: Comfortable handling the camera in manual mode


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Course content:

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