Sell Your Art Online: Making A Living Through Print On Demand with Patricia Caldeira — SkillShare — Free download

Are you tired of dealing with clients when doing creative work? Or are you working part-time and want to supplement your income?

Then this is the class for you.

In this class, you’ll learn how you can sell your art online by setting up Print on Demand stores that will earn you passive income while you sleep.

You won’t need to deal with customer service, manufacturing or even shipping!

With this Class you’ll learn to:

  • Choose a Print On Demand Shop for your work
  • Choose a Profitable Niche
  • Increase your sales with practical tips
  • Market your work to reach a larger audience

Either if you’re just starting out and want to learn how to choose and set up an online store, or if you want to give a boost to your existing shop, this class will help you.

And no matter if you are already working professionally as an artist or are just getting started, by the end of this class you’ll have a print on demand store set up, ready to boost your income passively!

So let’s do this!

Join now and I’ll see you in Class!

– Patricia

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Course Content:

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