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Sean’s Favorite Photoshop Techniques Vol. 1

In this course, I’m excited to share some of the most useful developing techniques that I have picked up over nearly two decades of photography and creative digital image editing. Included are over 20 techniques that I hope will make your photography better, more creative, higher quality and more fun. Volume 1 uses the TK6 Panel.

Topics covered include color grading techniques, split toning, balancing exposure and contrast, highlight protection, mid-tone boost, light sculpting, luminosity painting, digital light painting and techniques to create depth, drama and dimension. Read Tony Kuyper’s overview of this course.

To follow this course you will need Photoshop and either Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw. I also show how I use the TKActions panel throughout. However, all the techniques can be accomplished without the panel if you use a different method of generating luminosity masks.


20+ lessons in the Photoshop techniques I use most often, all in one collection.

A catalog of image developing ideas that will enhance your Photoshop skill set.

Methods for working with color palette, exposure, tonal balance and light sculpting to help achieve your creative vision.


  • 25 Video Chapters
  • More than 20 of my favorite developing techniques
  • Practice images
  • Demonstrations using the TKActions V6 Panel
  • MP4 video format
  • 1920 x 1080 HD video resolution
  • My smiling face and sunny disposition


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Course content: https://www.outdoorexposurephoto.com/video-tutorials/seans-favorite-photoshop-techniques/

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