Photography Class — Sam Dameshek Academy — Free download

Not just another photography class.


The mind is our most powerful tool. Get exclusive insight on building a mindset strong enough to attract anyone or anything you want.


Even the best photographer is nothing without an organized business. Listen to the in’s / out’s of the creative industry and the business fundamentals necessary to monetize your craft.


Half the battle is your ability to maneuver in this field. Let me show you how to create and maintain a web of priceless connections.


A true magician never reveals his secret’s.. Until now. This course will share the specifics on the technique’s / equipment that have built my career.


Learn how to make a career out of it with The Sam Dameshek Academy


  • The secret equipment I use & what’s best for you
  • How to build an “eye” (your unique style)
  • Fundamentals of film / digital photography
  • How to build / use the “success” mindset that I swear by
  • How to improve you work faster than your competition
  • Industry secrets I wish I would’ve known 5 years ago
  • How to not only bring yourself work but also how to maintain It
  • Learn What brands, models, and celebs actually are looking for
  • keys to organization
  • keys to goal setting and the keys to achieving
  • The right way to network and how to reach the world’s most influential
  • Social media hacks to growing your audience
  • On set do’s & dont’s
  • How to make a comfortable environment for models (male & female)
  • Sample emails, call sheets, invoices, pitch decks, and more
  • Where to start
  • Industry standard program breakdown
  • How to build a personal brand
  • How to create mood boards & pitches
  • How to price yourself
  • How to avoid set backs that can blind side you

25+ Video Lessons

Enrolling in The Sam Dameshek Academy will give you access to hours of organized video lessons covering over half a decade of knowledge. The lessons are easy to follow, easy to digest, and most importantly not painfully boring…


Sam-Dameshek-Academy.part1.rar  (2.00 GB)
Sam-Dameshek-Academy.part2.rar  (2.00 GB)
Sam-Dameshek-Academy.part3.rar  (115.23 MB)

Course content:

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I downloaded the two parts and its the same content on both. And the course is not completed!

Course Digger

I did download and get the 2 part extracted. I finally got chapter 1,2,3,4,5,6 and related files. What is missing my friend?


If you watch the videos, you know that the course doesn’t end in the last video so its missing content.


I actually was able to download both but the rest of the files are in the second batch. The only issue I found was the Ch6, video 1 is broken.


Chapter 6, Video one is a currpot file. Doesn’t seem to open up at all. Could you look into this? Thanks!

Course Digger

We have just fixed all issues. Please revert back if trouble still exists.


I tried downloading the part.3 and it still has chapter 6, part.1 file as currpot.