Accelerator with Nick Kozmin — — Free download

Accelerator will help you 10x your Saas or high-ticket services business in one year without using investors or fundraising. Its primary focus is on helping Saas businesses scale.

Over a year, you’ll focus on perfecting an offer that solves a problem for your specific target audience.

You’ll solve the problem by learning how to:
Generate more leads
Close more sales
Create a solid sales process
Get to your first million or 5 million dollars

What is the included?
– dial in niche and message to target your ideal prospects
– Build you high converting assets (landing pages, articles, etc.
– Launch outbound prospecting campaigns to fill your calendar
– Dial in your sales process and offer to close deals
– Build paid traffic funnels to increase your opportunities
– Duplicate the conversion processes and set a foundation for scaling
– Prepare for scaling by dialing in on onboarding process and customer experience
– Tune your machine and make sure economics are right, you should be making $3 for every $1 spent


SalesProcess.part01.rar  (3.00 GB)
SalesProcess.part02.rar  (3.00 GB)
SalesProcess.part03.rar  (3.00 GB)
SalesProcess.part04.rar  (3.00 GB)
SalesProcess.part05.rar  (3.00 GB)
SalesProcess.part06.rar  (3.00 GB)
SalesProcess.part07.rar  (3.00 GB)
SalesProcess.part08.rar  (3.00 GB)
SalesProcess.part09.rar  (3.00 GB)
SalesProcess.part10.rar  (3.00 GB)
SalesProcess.part11.rar  (2.63 GB)

Course content:

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lorenz yatco

love this sharing, files are good!