Sales Course: Learn The Whole Sales Process — Udemy — Last updated 4/2020 — Free download

Learn sales techniques and strategies to achieve your targets and sell anything with confidence

What you’ll learn

  • How to build your own personal brand that can be trusted by your customers
  • How to generate business and get more customer leads and understand the right prospects
  • All sales process starting from the customer interest areas to the cold calling, sales visits, crafting solutions & overcoming objectives
  • Prospecting and market research to get the best hit rate of buying customers
  • How to make perfect cold call to prospects for the first time and gain their attention
  • Sales meeting essentials and closing deals
  • How to overcome customers objections and regain their trust
  • No requirements needed


Are you interested in Sales? Starting your Sales career? Having problems in achieving targets?

Then, you need this Sales course. The course is for Junior’s salespersons who are seeking to take their sales career to another level or still in the beginning and need help.

Many salespeople fall into the trap of talking too much. They just can’t wait to tell customers all about the features or benefits, their product/service will bring or how great their company is without first understanding the needs and desires of the customer which is not the best approach to selling.

Key Learnings Of This Course

1. Learn how to make a sales plan that suits the market

2. Understand how to make the best sales call with a pitch

3. Understand what is needed to have both the right skillset and mindset to sell.

4. connect better with customers, overcome objections and close sales confidently and effectively to achieve sales targets.

5. Learn and practice an effective sales questioning technique that will increase the likelihood of making a sale by better understanding customer needs while maintaining a great customer experience

Who this course is for:

  • All Levels


Sell Like A Pro & Gain More   (download)
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Course content:

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