Resolve Fundamentals – Fxphd – File Size 17.5 GB – Free download

This training is exclusively available for standalone purchase in the fxphd store and is not available as part of the fxphd membership.

This is the 13th season I’ve partnered with fxphd to produce Resolve online training. Resolve Fundamentals covers both Resolve V15 and V16. It was originally recorded in V15 and includes two V16 update classes covering new features introduced in the 2019 release as well as additional new footage to go along with the lessons.

This course is ideal for people new to color correction,  photographers, editors, DITs, DPs, VFX artists and directors. I always strive to show you why you do something not just how to do them.

One of the fantastic benefits of this course is that it comes with almost 7GB of high resolution source material so you can follow the same techniques on the same footage Warren uses. You get the media the XMLs, the reference movies and even the Powergrade looks. Footage supplied with the course may be used for learning or your showreel (use in commercial or non-commercial projects is prohibited).

I had a great time working on these classes and I hope you enjoy them!

— Warren Eagles

What level is this course?

This is a beginner level course. You will be taken through the steps needed to get started with both the editing and color features within DaVinci Resolve. You can follow the classes using the same techniques as Warren uses because you get the footage media as well as the instructional videos.

What will I be editing and coloring?

You will edit a :45 beach sequence that has a mixture of good and poorly shot (too light, too dark, too blue) ProRes material. You’ll learn how to add speed ramps, soft focus, reframes and cool text animations. Once the sequence is edited, you’ll color correct before rendering to your desired social media or TV destination.

Why take this class?

Take this class if want to understand the post process and take more control or your images. Warren’s real world experience as a colorist and teaching classroom courses helps the way he transports techniques into online training classes.  Movie content on a website or social media has become a vital part of marketing any business or individual, so it’s critically important that your movies look as great as possible.

Who is this class for?

This course is ideal for photographers, DITs, DPs, VFX artists and directors; basically, anybody who needs to produce great looking moving images. This could be :15 for social media, a small TV commercial, or your personal short film passion project that you want to edit and grade. It will also give DPs, directors and producers a better understanding of the complete post process and give everyone the foundation and confidence needed to get started with grading.


Resolve Fundamentals – fxphd.part1.rar   (download)
2.93 GB
Resolve Fundamentals – fxphd.part2.rar   (download)
2.93 GB
Resolve Fundamentals – fxphd.part3.rar   (download)
2.93 GB
Resolve Fundamentals – fxphd.part4.rar   (download)
2.93 GB
Resolve Fundamentals – fxphd.part5.rar   (download)
2.93 GB
Resolve Fundamentals – fxphd.part6.rar   (download)
1.64 GB

Course content:


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