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Get Relaxation and Peace from Your Piano Practice Day 1 (No Sheet Music Required)

What you’ll learn

  • Play relaxing music
  • Become relaxed by your own practice
  • Enjoy the music they play everyday
  • Play music for a long time without sheet music
  • You Need to have access to a Piano or Keyboard
  • Do NOT need to know sheet music (it will give you more options though)


Often people want to be able to play beautiful relaxing piano music. The problem we have is we often practice in a way that is stressful to us. At what point do we decide that we have learned enough and now have “relaxing” piano playing time?

The truth is we need to make:    Piano Practice = Relaxation

In this class we do this by taking out things that often cause people stress and simplifying the things that we need to do to play well. We look into what things often cause people stress and what things create relaxation and apply them to your practice.

This class isn’t just about the knowledge you learn from practicing piano but experiencing music.

This class doesn’t require any previous knowledge of music or Sheet Music. We have a specific section for those who are brand new to this, but if you are a seasoned piano player you can totally skip that section.

We learn how to play a single scale, the chords in that scale, inversions, four chord patterns, and how to play some simple melodies over those.

Come check it out if you are interested in playing relaxing piano music

If you are not satisfied completely you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to play piano to have more relaxation and peace in there life
  • NOT for people who want to learn to perform specific pieces for others
  • Perfect for people who’s goal in piano is to play confidently in a relaxing way from DAY 1


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Course content:

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