Start to Finish Vance Powell Episode 10 Mixing Part 1 — pureMix — Free download

The production is complete, and practically sounds like a mix already, but Vance is not about to stop there.

Starting by setting up his SSL console, calibrating his parallel outboard chains, and gain staging everything to set himself up for success, Vance begins the mix of “Sweet Beast” from Illiterate Light.

Watch as Vance:

  • Sets up his SSL Console for mixing
  • Calibrates his multiple parallel compression chains
  • Explains a few tweaks that happened off-camera, shaping tracks like the scratch vocal mic that was in the room during drum tracking, but Jeff did not sing into
  • Adds further processing on the samples he created with Jake
  • Adds stereo chorusing to the sub guitar
  • Adds an Ampeg SVT bass plugin on the Guitar Solo
  • Compresses the rhythm guitars
  • Sets up Automation on the SSL
  • Explains the signal flow of his console and outboard gear
  • Breaks down his Vocal Parallel Processing, consisting of three processors to enhance the signal
  • Discusses monitor loudness levels during mixing

PLUS: Download Vance’s Pro Tools Template, made with 100% stock and UAD plugins, and recreate some of the techniques you’ll see Vance demonstrate in this video!


PSTF.VPE10-Hidera.rar   (download)
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