Start to Finish: Matt Ross-Spang – Episode 7 – Recording Acoustic Guitar — PUREMIX — Free download

“Just As Long As You Want Me.”

It’s time to lay down some acoustic guitar overdubs with Eli “Paperboy” Reed.

In this episode, Matt will show you how he approaches recording acoustic guitars, and give you plenty of tips and tricks to apply to your next session.

See how Matt Ross-Spang:

  • Mics the acoustic guitar with a Sony 37a
  • Explains how to get an acoustic guitar player to realize their role in the tone of the guitar
  • Breaks down the signal chain for the acoustic guitar
  • Explains the importance of listening to the source and fixing issues in the live room before addressing them in the control room
  • Discusses how to balance overdubs in the mix to determine if the part, mic selection, or eq is correct for the song
  • Breaks down the cue system at Sam Phillips Recording, and explains why he likes giving everyone the same mix that he has to all of the players, as opposed to the players having their own control over the cue system
  • Dials in the Fairchild 660 on the acoustic guitar
  • Adjusts the microphone to get the perfect balance of attack and body
  • Work out parts to increase the tension of the bridge
  • Talks about different ways to communicate with a variety of artists

Join Matt Ross-Spang, Eli “Paperboy” Reed, The Hodges Brothers, Ken Coomer, and The Masqueraders inside the legendary Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, TN for an incredible recording event, from Start To Finish. Only on


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