Mixing Rock with Ulrich Wild TUTORiAL — ProMixAcademy — Free download

Learn the techniques and strategies of two professional mixers.
Hybrid Hixing
The best of analog and digital equipment

Follow Warren Through His Hybrid Mix Process
Learn how to use a combination of both analog and digital processing to create awesome sounding music.
From a vintage SSL console and analog outboard gear to his favorite plugin chains, Warren gives a complete breakdown of his mix.

• EQ
• Compression
• Saturation
• Multiband compression
• Distortion
• Parallel processing

Learn the Art of Mixing Completely in the Box
No hardware. No excuses. Learn how to get the most out of your plugins.
Follow Warren every step of the way, in pursuit of a great mix that translates across playback systems.

• EQ
• Compression
• Saturation
• Multiband compression
• Distortion
• Parallel processing

• Parallel compression
• Saturation
• Gating
• Expanding
• Adding character to stock plugins
• Working with drum samples
• Understanding phase
• Reductive EQ
• Additive EQ
• Fundamental frequencies
• Automation
• Buss compression
• Parallel processing
• Console emulations
• Tape emulations

Learn not just the how, but why
A/B examples can be great, but you’ll also learn why we make the decisions we do. You’ll add tons of strategies, tips and tricks to your arsenal of tools.

Learn to manage your low-end
What separates an amateur sounding mix from a professional one? Many will say the low end is a big part of it. We agree! Develop your low-end mixing skills by following each of our methods.

Learn to mix professional sounding vocals
EQ, compression, parallel processing and more, we’ll help you to develop your mixing skills by teaching you the art of mixing vocals. Identify problematic frequencies, learn which ones to boost and take your vocal mixes to the next level.

We’ve included the full multitrack session and the .wav files of Amos’ bass recordings, so you can study the arrangement and production, mix the song and track your own bass lines!


ProMixAcademy.Mixing.Rock.with.Ulrich.Wild.part1.rar   (download)
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ProMixAcademy.Mixing.Rock.with.Ulrich.Wild.part2 (2).rar   (download)
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ProMixAcademy.Mixing.Rock.with.Ulrich.Wild.part3.rar   (download)
1.14 GB

Course content: https://promixacademy.com/course/mixing-rock-with-ulrich-wild/


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