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Hannah creates inspiring cinematic images for a commercial client, using stunning locations and more advanced lighting techniques. In the first scenario Hannah is shooting in a beautiful art deco cinema using a three light set-up, including a main, rim and background light. You’ll learn how to drag the shutter with a long exposure to bring out the interior tungsten lights and use flash to freeze your subjects. Hannah will show you how to create a cinematic Hollywood look with hard light modifiers and grids. Then in an atmospheric dawn shoot, Hannah uses flash with a long exposure to freeze the subject’s movement, whilst combining it with the city’s ambient light.

Discover how to:

  • Create a concept shoot for a commercial client
  • Make your portraits more dramatic with background lights, hard modifiers and grids
  • Build different 3-light setups using main, rim and background lights
  • Shoot in low light situations by dragging the shutter both indoors and outdoors
  • Use flash to freeze movement at dawn, whilst mixing it with ambient light

Essential information

Here are some things that are good to know, as well as useful gear to use for this course. These are simply recommendations, not requirements.

Recommended gear

  • 3 x lights for off-camera use
  • 1 x hard light modifier of choice
  • 1 x grid of choice

Useful knowledge

  • Lighting skill level: Intermediate
  • Strongly recommended to take the other courses in the Professional portrait series
  • Want to start exploring simple lighting techniques
  • Camera skill level: Comfortable in handling the camera in manual mode

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