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Working with light or artificial light will no longer be a mystery.

What You Will Learn

  • You will learn how to take pictures of nature, people indoors and outdoors, how to take pictures in motion, using the HDR technique or in difficult lighting conditions.
  • You will master night photography – we will practice long-time work and experimenting with light during an open-air class at night.
  • You will learn professional product photography, working with a model in the studio and how to use studio equipment.
  • We will reveal the secrets of street and architecture photography.
  • You will learn to take amazing photos in the field of macro photography.
  • Creative photography is a very wide spectrum of activities, you will get to know them inside out.
  • You will learn the techniques used in sports photography.

Is there something missing? You’ll probably find it here…


You only need two things – a camera and motivation!
No knowledge of photography is required, we start from scratch!
All you need is whatever camera you already have, it doesn’t have to be professional equipment. It could even be a smartphone, but just remember that a camera with manual settings offers greater possibilities. However, the principles of photography and how to work with light are common to every type of camera.


In our training, we’ll provide you with practical photography training from novice to a master level. You will learn to consciously use your camera settings and take great photos regardless of the equipment you own. Together we’ll walk through the full spectrum of photographic issues, from the very basics, through hobby topics, to professional photography. We take every important subject in photography very seriously. Composition or portrait photography in 20 minutes? Certainly not with us! After all, composition is a key issue in visual arts, and man, is the most photographed object! You will also learn the secrets of working outdoors, both during the day and at night. We’ll explain the most technical complexities of macro photography or studio photography. We focus not only on operating the camera and learning the craft along with many useful tricks, but also on the aesthetic aspect in photography. That’s why here you’ll also find a creative photography section, which develops the skills of creating staged photos, both artistic and advertising. Professional product photography, in big demand today, and photo processing are the culmination of this training. The whole thing is enriched with numerous exercises, after all, its practice that makes the master!

So trust our teaching experience. We have developed a proprietary program, proven while working with thousands of students. We discuss every key topic at the right time. You’ll go thorugh the program with us from a begginer to a master level. You can also count on the continuous development of your training. Remember that you’ ll have unlimited access to it.

What we focus on?

In our education system, we emphasize three main elements.

The first thing to do is to maintain your camera so that you can consciously use its capabilities. However, we focus on the most important aspects, we save you needless and unnecessary information.

The second is craftsmanship – thanks to us you will learn how to take pictures from specific fields of photography correctly. How to set up the model, how to illuminate it, what kinds of light are there, how to set the camera properly when shooting at night, how to shoot in the studio and outdoors, how to frame a building or a photographed landscape or product. It will be a solid package of skills and tricks used by photographers – both amateur and professional.

The third element is the aesthetics of the photograph, its artistic value. The picture doesn’t have to be beautiful, but it should definitely be the focus of attention. It may be beautiful by the way, but its uniqueness is determined by its composition, skilful use of what you learn and sensitivity. We’ll stimulate this one too.

What will you learn?

  • What do you need to know about digital cameras? Advantages and disadvantages of the equipment.
  • The light around us – why is it so important
  • Lenses, our third eye
  • Exposure – shutter, aperture, light measurement – internal and external
  • Focus measurement
  • Additional equipment
  • Advertising photography
  • Artificial and natural lighting
    Studio and outdoor portrait
  • Working with a model
  • The city landscape at night
  • Experimental photography
  • Traces of movement during long exposure
  • We take pictures of movement and in motion
  • Product photography – useful tricks
  • Architecture photography
  • Street photography
  • Macrophotography
  • Creative photography
  • Black&white photography
  • Lightroom CC 2020 for photographers

and more…


professional school of photography from begginer to master.part1.rar  (2.93 GB)
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professional school of photography from begginer to master.part3.rar  (2.93 GB)
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Course Content:

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