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Operator is one of Live’s most powerful Suite Instruments, known for its hybrid approach to synthesis combining frequency modulation techniques with subtractive and additive synthesis.  In this course from Producertech Senior Tutor Rob Jones, you’ll learn all you need to program any kind of sound with this impressive instrument.

The course begins with a general overview of the synth, taking a look at some of the more basic features such as envelopes and oscillators, and also delving deeper into more advanced elements such as routing matrixes and creating your own wavetables.

Following on from an explanation of the principles of FM synthesis, Rob then proceeds to share his extensive sound design knowledge with you, showing you how to create a wide variety of sounds. These range from simple, 2 oscillator bell-like sounds to complex, evolving bass patches. There’s also a few tips on creating your very own drum and percussion sounds using the FM synthesis techniques discussed in the tutorials.

The course is available to stream directly from our site after purchase, and is accessible 24/7/365. Accompanying the video tutorials are 10 bonus Operator patches, programmed by Rob himself, as well as the Live Projects from the tutorials.

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Course content:


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