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With music theory often being the toughest challenge many producers face, Plugin Boutique answered the demand by delivering Scaler, an outstanding tool for assisting in the creation of melodic parts in a track. This new set of tutorials provides 90 minutes of pro tips for getting to know the software, whilst witnessing the crafting of 3 quality grooves.

In the first groove, on a jazzy Hip Hop tip, Producertech Senior Tutor Rob Jones introduces some of the fundamentals of the plugin, such as how to choose a scale and then lock notes to the keyboard to enable easy playing of melodies using instruments in the DAW. He then moves on to Scaler’s Arpeggiator and Strummer facilities, before showing how chords sequences are made using the Songs presets as well as entirely from scratch.

The next module then guides students through the making of a Liquid DnB groove, inspired initially by a moody chords sample, which is converted to MIDI and then run into Scaler’s Detection section to work out the harmony involved. This allows a variation on the theme to be explored, sequenced into a fast arp pattern and accompanied by a rolling bass. Rob then shows how to reincorporate the original sample back into the groove to go in an alternative direction, by transposing each of the parts in the required way.

Combining a variety of techniques for the last module, Rob builds up a pounding Deep House groove, by playing in a bassline with a MIDI keyboard, then using Scaler to work out chords and arpeggios to accompany it, along with a breakdown bassline that modulates to a different key.

Signing up the course provides immediate access to the streamed lessons, as well as the samples used and MIDI patterns created along the way. Check out the sample module for an example of the course, before jumping into this Scaler adventure and learning to make superb melodic music of your own!

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