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AIR Music Technology’s Hybrid 3 is a hugely powerful virtual synth, with a vast array of features under the hood. As with any instrument, the key to unlocking its potential is an understanding of how to access and make good use of everything it has to offer. This course by Producertech senior tutor Rob Jones teaches exactly that, taking you on a sound design journey through every nook and cranny of the software, to have you editing and creating patches with ease in no time!

To keep things interesting and prevent tedious walkthroughs, every lesson on Rob’s course is an example of patch design, kicking off right from the offset with a demonstration of how to make a detuned saw preset, with oscillators in their default states and a minimal amount of envelope adjustment. Increasing gradually in complexity, Rob works through many of the main categories of patch, showing the techniques involved with making basses, leads, pads, FX, arps and more.

Despite the plugin interface’s relatively simple appearance, every area of the instrument has a lot of flexibility, with oscillators providing sync, pulse width modulation and wavetable synthesis with just a few clicks. Dual filtering and saturation also offer a massive amount of sound manipulation right from the main window, with other unique features including a pump LFO and filter FM facility, all of which is explored thoroughly on the course.

After all of the main areas of the plugin have been sufficiently explained, Rob wraps things up with a series of quick tips, giving some additional 1-2 minute sound design tricks, to help Hybrid users achieve instant results.

Signing up to the course provides students with well over 2 hours of streamed tutorials, along with 20 presets for the synth, offering both a useful collection of inspiring patches as well as clear and precise instructions on how to make them. Before signing up, check out the sample modules, for examples of the lesson style and content, which will soon make Hybrid your go-to instrument for producing high quality sounds.


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Course content:

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