Processing A Portrait – Creating your own brand by Dmitry Chursin — 1photo — Free download

In this workshop, we tried to combine the commercial and technical areas of the portrait photographer. How to create your brand and how to develop it? How to retouch and process a portrait without wasting a lot of time? How to structure your work so that it brings more than just pleasure? You will find answers to all these questions in this MK.

Part 1. Working on a personal brand

  • creating your own name / brand
  • competent pricing
  • work with the customer
  • separation of creativity and work
  • emotional burnout
  • creative crises and ways to overcome them
  • ability to stand out in the photography market
  • alignment with the main job and priorities
  • high-quality maintenance of social networks
  • choosing your own direction in photography
  • analysis of the main mistakes of photographers
  • integrity of the portfolio and your own style in photography
  • self-education and self-development
  • setting goals and ways to achieve them
  • answers on questions

Part 2. Processing the portrait

  • Preparing a shot in Adobe Lightroom / Camera Raw
  • composition and main accents
  • primary and secondary tasks in processing
  • basic settings
  • universal retouching in Photoshop for any frame, quickly and easily
  • plastic “without consequences”
  • enhancing the natural volume of the frame in various ways (I will give a whole arsenal, there will always be plenty to choose from methods for a particular frame)
  • work with black and white drawing
  • glare tricks
  • eye treatment
  • basic principles of color correction
  • set of your own colors for toning
  • local work with color
  • analysis of common errors
  • answers on questions


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Course content:

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