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Watch Fab Dupont Continue The Mix Of “Some Summer Day”

Now that Adrian has briefed Fab on the background of the song, the intention, and direction for where he would like to see it head, it’s time for Fab to continue unpacking the session to find the exciting moments and bring them to life.

In this episode, watch as Fab continues the mix for “Some Summer Day” by working through the kick bass relationship, applying 2 bus processing, and introducing the vocals to the mix.

See how Fab Dupont:

  • Carves out space in the bass guitar to make a hole for the kick drum
  • Creates a shared space for the drums with the Universal Audio Ocean Way Reverb plugin
  • Tweaks the second bass guitar track to create a stereo effect that wraps around the mix
  • Uses the room that he set up on the drums on multiple elements of the mix for a cohesive space
  • Uses an amp simulation to add texture to the guitar tones
  • Revisits the 2 bus processing chain he set up in episode 1 to find a better fit for the bus compressor
  • Creates a submit of the background vocals and process them as a group
  • Uses a multi-band compressor to help control unwieldy vocals
  • Deals with “Ess-ing” buildups
  • Creates a “scene change” in the shout section with he lead vocal

Watch Fab Dupont, mix “Some Summer Day” from Six Of One. Only on


PUREMIX.Pro.Member.Mix.Fix.Six.Of.One.Episode.2.Guitars.Vocals.and….   (download)
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