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After the first Pro Member Mix Fix Episode response, we asked the pureMix Pro Members once again to send us sessions recorded in home studios with common problems that we all deal with. Distorted tracks, tracks with excessive bleed, you name it, we wanted it.

When we heard Adrian Szendel’s submission of “Some Summer Day” by his band “Six Of One,” we called him right away. Without hesitation, Adrian packed up his car and drove from Cleveland, Ohio, to New York overnight and arrived at Flux Studios the next day to be a part of the shoot!

The track has some new challenges. It was built from a song idea from Adrian’s writing partner, Tim DeHuff. That song idea that sparked “Some Summer Day” happens to be one mono track, containing drums, tabla, bass guitar, and electric guitar!

In this episode, watch as Fab and Adrian discuss the song’s background and create a plan of attack to bring “Some Summer Day” to life.

See how Fab Dupont:

  • Dissects a session when he receives it to figure out what the session contains
  • Sets up the session with his personal taste and feng shui, setting himself up for an efficient and productive session
  • Discusses the mix with Adrian, who is attending the mixing session
  • Uses DECIBEL to set his loudness early in the session
  • Finds the tempo of the session
  • Places the audio on the grid to help with marker placement and drum replacement
  • Inserts samples from his personal sample library to sweeten the Kick and Snare
  • Sets up a parallel drum crush bus

Watch Fab Dupont, mix “Some Summer Day” from Six Of One. Only on


PUREMIX.Pro.Member.Mix.Fix.Six.Of.One.Episode.1.Session.Setup.and.D…   (download)
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