Post-production Techniques for Architectural Photography by Daniel Garay Arango — Domestika — Free download

Learn how to prepare, shoot, and edit black and white photos of your surroundings with a Fine Art aesthetic

Architectural photography not only gives value to the space it captures; it also gives a new perspective on the world through the photographer’s eyes. Colombian photographer Daniel Garay Arango specializes in black and white architectural photography to give new meaning to the space that surrounds him.

In this course, you will learn his preparation process, how he takes his shots, and how he obtains his final editing results on Adobe Photoshop to achieve a surrealist, Fine Art aesthetic in his photography.

Start off with a full recap of Daniel’s work and creative process and a glimpse of his professional work over the years. He’ll go through his main influences in photography and how they keep inspiring him over time.

Learn how to generate new ideas by using your city and its architectural features to inspire you to start on your personal project. See how Daniel outlines his initial vision on paper, by writing concept ideas and sketches to map out his ideas.

Close the preparation phase by taking a look at the tools you need to take your photos and edit them, giving you full reins to your creativity for ideal shots.

Daniel introduces a wide variety of tools, concepts, and knowledge in Adobe Photoshop so you can bring your ideas to life throughout the entire process. From perspective correction and image cleanup, move onto editing in detail for Fine Art photographs; you’ll be capable of modifying each element of your image individually, without losing sight of cohesion, realism, and appeal in your work.

Finally, Daniel gives his personal advice on how to show your work to the world, with the intention of helping you shine on social media, as well as how to aim for competitions, grants, galleries, and other opportunities that may come your way.

What is this course’s project?

Create a small series of photos in a Fine Art aesthetic with a unifying concept that’s focused on architecture, using the process of post-production that is taught in the course.

Who is it for?

Photographers and visual artists that want to take their work to the Fine Art field and capture impactful images. Also, for those who wish to learn a plethora of photographing techniques, as well as editing techniques using Adobe Photoshop.

What you need

You need basic knowledge on how to use Adobe Photoshop’s tools such as layer use, masks, and intelligent objects.

As for materials, you’ll need a camera and a computer with Adobe Photoshop. It is recommended that you have a tripod, neutral density filters, and a graphics tablet for the correct use of paintbrushes in the editing phase.


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Course Content:

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This is in Spanish, and no English subtitles

Johnny M

No english subtitles 🙁


There’s a missing file in the last folder.