Post Audio And Sound Design Workshop with Dallas Taylor — Story & Heart — Free download

If you want your audience to truly feel something, you’ve gotta give them a sonic experience that transports them into the world of your film. This workshop shows you how — step by step.

What You’ll Learn

 All great sound design starts with a well-recorded audio file. That’s why Dallas dives deep into which mics he recommends, as well as specific techniques for using them.

 How to make your dialogue sound incredible through the (proper) use of EQ, compression, and noise reduction.

 Using music, foley, environments, hard effects, emotional effects, and silence to enhance your stories and truly immerse your viewers.

 The secret sauce of mixing different elements together, and outputting a cohesive sonic experience that sounds great no matter where it’s heard.

 Deliverables, splits, localization… all the nerdy (but important) terms you need for communicating like a pro with your audio post team.


Post-Audio-and-Sound-Design-Workshop.part1.rar  (1.00 GB)
Post-Audio-and-Sound-Design-Workshop.part2.rar  (1.00 GB)
Post-Audio-and-Sound-Design-Workshop.part3.rar  (1.00 GB)
Post-Audio-and-Sound-Design-Workshop.part4.rar  (1,002.11 MB)

Course content:

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