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Some of Sue’s biggest sales have come family generational photo shoots. These photographs will be some of the most valuable things that they ever own!

THIS IS THE ULTIMATE MARKETING PITCH. Not only do the women have the portraits you create from these shoots as priceless family heirlooms, but they get to have an amazing day together. They get to dress up and have their hair and makeup done and there is always so much excitement and fun. It really is often one of the best day of their lives together. Learning to pose grandmother, mother, and daughters is so important. You need to make sure that they all look really good.

Sue has put together 8 posing videos for you showing you in detail how to do this type of shoot.

Sitting Poses Key Points:

* Always pose grandmother and mother first! Then bring the daughters in around them.

* The backdrop that you will see is large piece of black upholstery velvet it is NOT my choice for family photos I just wanted to shoot the posing videos so you could see them nice and clearly (Oh and get UPHOLSTERY don’t get crushed velvet!).

* The backdrop is draped over a couch that is facing backwards so that they can lean onto the back of the couch.

* Make sure to ask them if they are able to kneel comfortably!

* Don’t pose the arms all in the same position. It will look like a choo-choo train. arms around brings them closer together

* Be sure they are sitting up nice and tall through the shoulders and neck.

* Don’t be afraid to demonstrate the pose for them.

* Make sure everyone is connected in some way.

* Don’t let them lift their bum so that they are too far up with the shoulders rolling forward. Have them sit down on their heels instead, but they will need to lift a bit using their thigh and tummy muscles hovering.

* It can take a while to get everyone into position and they will start slouching down, so make sure to reset everyone!

Standing Poses Key Points:

* Always pose grandmother and mother first! Then bring the daughters in around them.

* Have them open their shoulders 45 degrees to each other.

* Their front foot should be facing the camera. This helps them to be able to tip forward a bit.

* Be sure that thumbs are turned in and hands are connected.

* They need to push their bum BACK away from the camera.

* Don’t be afraid to elevate one of the girls if needed.

* Make sure all of their noses are even on the same plane to get everyone in focus.


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