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Genuine Emotion & Meaningful Images.

This class will teach you how to create natural, genuine and emotionally rich images while making your couples feel comfortable, and giving them a fun, memorable experience. You’ll learn how to direct in a way that allows the couple’s dynamic to come through in the images, while creating a ton of posing variety in your work. Posing is so much more than cue cards, and everything I’ve learned about it is in this class.

What will i learn?

  • Setting Expectations
  • Building Trust & Comfort
  • Creating a Space for Vulnerability
  • The Importance of the First Email (My Email Template Included)
  • 8 Tips To Rock Your Couple Session
  • Setting the Mood On-Set
  • My “Pre-Session Hangout” and Why it Works
  • The Prep Talk: Preparing Them Mentally
  • Intimate sessions: Fostering an Environment of Intimacy
  • 4 Communication Styles
  • How to Communicate Better
  • Active Listening
  • 10 Ways to Kick Butt as a Communicator
  • Body language
  • Giving Feedback
  • Allowing the Couple’s Dynamic to Guide Your Direction
  • 7 Ways to Not Be So Dang Intimidating
  • Taking Breaks to Shoot More Efficiently
  • Balancing Down Time & Active Time
  • When to Direct and When to Step Back
  • Slowing the F down
  • Active v. Quiet Moods
  • Controlling the Flow of the Session
  • Giving Them Space to Be Themselves
  • How to Give Active and On-Going Prompts
  • How to Capture Killer In-Between Moments
  • Making the Most of a Pose
  • Small Changes to Make a Big Difference
  • Waiting for the Right Moment
  • Easy Ways to Get a Shit-Ton of Variety
  • Nailing Focus With Fast-Paced Prompts
  • Creative Ways to Change Your Perspective
  • Technical Tips for Capturing Emotion
  • Breaking Down a Pose
  • Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • How to NOT GET STUCK!
  • The Right and Wrong Ways to Ask Intimate Questions
  • How to Direct, Not Pose
  • Fostering Genuine Interations
  • Posing Prompts With Tons of Visual Examples
  • Directing Couples Who Aren’t Physically Affectionate
  • 40 of My Favorite Questions
  • 40+ of My Favorite Prompts
  • Creating Your Own Questions & Prompts
  • What Are Your Go-To Poses When You’re Crunched for Time?
  • How Can I Get Better at Quickly Recognizing Issues I Should Correct?
  • Do You Focus More on Emotion or Position?
  • What to Do If My Client is Stiff, Awkward and Shy?
  • How Specific Do You Get When Giving Direction?
  • How Often Are You Directing/Talking During a Session?
  • How Can I Get Variety Without Going Blank?
  • Where Do You Get Your Inspiration for Posing? How Can I Keep it Fresh Instead of Doing What Everyone Else Does?
  • How to Stay Out of the Copy-Cat Mentality
  • How to Use Posing Inspiration to Create Fresh Work
  • Big Posing Inspiration Mood Board


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the archive is broken 🙁


ok, i’ve managed to extract it with 7zip (winrar didn’t work)

Course Digger

It’s great to know you fix the issue your own 🙂