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In this tutorial, I do a complete walkthrough with you of a typical portrait editing session! The purpose of this is to show you exactly how I think through and edit a portrait. You will be provided the same RAW file to practice along with me as well as a Lightroom preset to help get you started! My goal is to teach you the principles of my personal editing workflow which will help you when you go to edit your own photos! If you are a complete beginner and have never even opened up Lightroom or Photoshop, DON’T WORRY, you can follow along as well as I explain every step of what I’m doing! If you’re more advanced in these programs, you will still benefit from this as you will gain deep insights into my personal style of editing! This tutorial was made with all levels of expertise in mind! I hope this offers you a new perspective on portrait editing and that you are able to practice more effectively now when you edit your own photos!

What Will We Cover?


– Walkthrough of all the editing panels I use on portraits

– How to think about the editing process before actually editing

– How to “counter-edit”

– How to create vibrant and glowing skin tones

– How to make eyes POP

– How and when to use brushes

– Using multiple coloring options to achieve unique coloring effects

– Preliminary sharpening techniques

– Preliminary retouching techniques

– How to correct basic problems with discoloration in skin

– How to fix problems that may arise from pushing colors to their limit

– How to set up a portrait so that your work in Photoshop is much easier and streamlined


– How to even out skin tones

– How to get rid of blemishes without destroying natural skin texture

– How to get rid of blotchiness in skin

– How to creatively add high quality contrast by using colors instead of light

– How to tone an image by adding specific color values to highlights, midtones, and shadows

– How to use adjustment layers to make your portraits POP even more

– How to use highlights and shadows to sculpt and accent the natural beauty of the face

– How and when to use blending modes to tone skin, add color contrast, sharpen an image, accent colors, and add highlights and shadows

– How to use individual layers to creatively accent colors and bring an image to life

– How to use hidden shortcuts to make your workflow go much quicker

– How to add a high quality sharpen to your images so that they look amazing on Instagram!

What’s Included?

– The entire 2+ hr tutorial and all the techniques I use on a regular basis for editing unique and professional portraits

– The RAW file I use in this video so you can follow along (not allowed for posting on social media)

– A TONE CURVE Lightroom preset I often use in my own workflow

User Agreement: by purchasing and downloading this tutorial along with these custom Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions and tools, you agree not to redistribute ANY of the contents of this download to any other user, either digitally or manually, under any circumstances, and the act of doing so is punishable by law.


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Course content: https://gumroad.com/l/SHMXN

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