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Can man with a beard be cute? – With these image processing techniques in any case! Get to know a Photoshop workflow that lets you apply the sweetest child schema to adult portraits. For friends, family and maybe even a colleague may be so much fun, right? In the training of Marco Kolditz it says in any case: brow up, eyes out and head inflated and nose and chin receded! To adjust the proportions of the face with the help of Photoshop to the child scheme, you draw among other tools such as Lasso, brush, transformation and the liquefier filter. For a harmonious overall picture, you can also access, for example, soft-focus, noise, high-pass, a vignette and the deep-drawing of lights and shadows.

  • Match the proportions of adult portraits to the childish scheme.
  • Use different Photoshop tools to sculpt faces.
  • Learn to pay attention to fine details in your workflow and create a harmonious picture look.

This training is pure joy – you learn the image processing methods shown, the affected persons when viewing their childish schema portraits.

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Course content:–538

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