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In this class you will learn all the Photoshop techniques you need to bump your own images to the next level. I will show you in seven different chapters how I edit one of my favourite images from start to finish. I think its really helpful to see which techniques are used to process a file from the beginning to the end. All the steps can be used to imrove your landscape photography.

Video No. 1:

Here I will show you how I prepare my RAW files in Adobe Lightroom for furter Adjustments in Adobe Photoshop.

Video No. 2:

In this chapter you will learn how I use Adobe Photoshop to create one big panoramic image out of six RAW files and how I further enhance the perspective using the warp tool.

Video No. 3:

Did you ever wonder why some images have this special look which makes them “glow”? In this chapter you will learn three ways how to create a dreamy and moody look on your photos using the Orton Effect.

Video No. 4:

Here I will show you how to enhance details in your image and how to use the Nik Collection to improve contrast and colors.

Video No. 5:

In this chapter you will learn my advanced steps to imrove contrast using luminosity masks. I will show you how to create those masks and how to work locally on your images.

Video No. 6:

Color is one of the most important parts of an image and thats the reason why I dedicated to spend a whole chapter in this tutorial. You will learn everything about color contrast and how you make local color adjustments.

Video No. 7:

In this final video you will my special web sharpening technique so your images look the best in any web browser for your audience worldwide.


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