Photoshop CC Cinematic Color Grading By Kasia Zmokla — Pluralsight — Free download

This course is an intense training and covers RAW conversion with the intent of color grading and a complete color enhancement workflow with Photoshop CC.

Have you ever spent time composing an image, arranging light and camera angle, next enhanced it in post processing to find out in the end that there is still something missing? If so, this is the perfect course for you. In this course, Photoshop CC Cinematic Color Grading, you’ll learn how to deal with color related challenged in your images. First, you’ll discover how to evaluate your RAW file including color and how to perform a RAW conversion with the intent of color grading. Next, you’ll correct potential issues and learn how to make conscious creative decisions regarding color. Finally, you’ll be working with the most powerful Photoshop tools that target color. By combining the basics of Color Theory with a “hands-on” approach, this course will give you a deep understanding of the powerful impact color has on your images. When you are finished with the course, you’ll not only know how to use color to your advantage, you’ll gain practical skills that allow you to take your images to the next level.

Software required: Photoshop CC.


Photoshop CC Cinematic Color Grading By Kasia   (download)
1.35 GB

Course content:

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