Download Lynda – Photoshop CC 2019 New Features. Free and direct download link shared!

Discover how to undo and redo multiple operations but not destroy your History, use the improved scaling feature which is now proportional by default, and take advantage of the added capability of Photoshop performing basic math, as in Illustrator.

This course includes

  • This course will equip you with knowledge that help you embed displacement maps in a direct way in a Smart Object.
  • Learn to control your Content-Aware Fill as a professional.
  • How to cope with undo and redo multiple operations.
  • Get knowledge about proportional scaling.
  • Conculate size adjustments, and more …


Course name Photoshop CC 2019 New Features
Official source: Lynda
Language English
Duaration 1.48 Hours
Last updated: 10/17/2018
Lesson 24 lessons
Total size 0.71 GB
Type Video Online
Photoshop CC 2019 New Features Files – Free download


Photoshop CC 2019 New Features Download
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