Photos that sell: Passive income with the photos you already have PART IV | File Size  1.9 GB| Free download

You love photography.

You wanted your work to be seen.

You wanted your photos to earn you money while you sleep.

You have started your online photography portfolio, and now you’re looking to dive deeper.

Learn how to make your expensive camera pay for itself. Learn how to license your photos online.

In Part I. you’ve set up your portfolios with the best agencies, and you’ve learned to spot what photos from your portfolio are potential bestsellers.

Part II. was all about legal issues (can I shoot people, buildings, cars?) and editorial photos. Mostly though, Part II. shows the tips, tricks, and tools for an efficient and streamlined workflow that’ll save you hours.

In Part III., we discussed rejections and spending your hard-earned money well. You’ve also learned how to find your photos out there: be it book covers, music CDs or your mom’s favorite magazine!

I have created Part IV. for everyone who wants to dig even deeper. Here, we talk more in-depth on model and property releases (with examples!) and on taxes. We also discuss new pieces of software and some additional agencies. My favorite part? Going through some of my top-selling photos, trying to tease out what makes them sell so well, so you can apply these principles to your own photos.

Depending on your dedication, this can be a fun little set-it-and-forget-it project to support your hobby, or it can be a full-time adventure that pays for all your bills.


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