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Your life is worth sharing, no matter what kinds of adventures (big or small) fill your days.

Join acclaimed, self-taught photographer Hannah Argyle in this actionable, approachable class all about photography for Instagram — how to take, edit, and post to create a feed that represents the snapshots of your life!

Photography with social media in mind is no less an art than photography for a professional portfolio, and Hannah’s step-by-step instructions will help your feed more accurately reflect the beauty in your life. While Hannah uses a DSLR camera, her instructions, tips, and tricks are no less valuable for iPhone photographers, and her class can be applied to any camera you choose to use. Alongside Hannah, you’ll learn how to:

  • Take self-portraits, not selfies
  • Make small edits to photos for big effects in Adobe Lightroom
  • Think about your feed as a story and choose posts accordingly
  • Preserve memories for yourself first

Whether you’re an Instagram pro seeking out a new edge, a hobbyist photographer looking for a new project, or just hoping to take your feed to the next level, Hannah’s fun and friendly teaching style will inspire you far beyond the end of the class. Get ready for your close-up!

Hannah’s class is welcoming to students of all levels, though is particularly focused on beginner hobbyist photographers. While Hannah uses a DSLR, you can use any camera you choose, including your phone — Hannah’s recommendations apply across the board! Hannah’s gear is listed within the class for any student with an interest. Some basic familiarity with Adobe Lightroom is recommended, but not required.


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