Photographing Siblings Outdoors & in the Studio with Artificial Light | Rotolight AEOS & NEO 2 demo with Paul Wilkinson — SkillShare — Free download

Ready to get started with flash lights but don’t know where to begin? Looking for inspiration for new lighting set-ups you can try, in the studio and outdoors? Or just bought some new strobes and want to have a play? This class is for you, no matter what lighting equipment you have or are thinking of getting.

The good folk at Rotolight lent us two pieces of kit for this demo: the Rotolight AEOS and the NEO 2. These lights were originally designed for video work, but Rotolight have added a strobe feature that means they can be used like studio flash lights. They are extremely lightweight, very portable and the battery goes on as long as you can. We had a lot of fun putting them through their paces.

But don’t worry if you are using something different.

The ideas and concepts in this video apply to any artificial light source. So whether you’ve got traditional strobes, LED lights or any other means of electronic illumination, you find new ideas here. And if you’re deciding what to invest in, the kit introduction chapter in this class gives you a great overview of the pros and cons of the Rotolight hardware.

Our models for this class are two sisters, so you’ll also pick up some posing ideas for pictures of women on their own and together.

This class is ideal for beginner and intermediate photographers with an interest in flashlit portraits, location lighting portraiture and sibling posing. Try one of our other videos for more detail on setting your camera exposure, although you will see my exposure settings and straight-out-of-the-camera images for each portrait, as well as the final edit.

We’ll finish off with some words of encouragement before it’s over to you to put your new skills into practice!

Enjoy – and don’t miss the outtakes at the very end! 🙂


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Course content:

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