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Alec Soth teaches photographic storytelling

Alec Soth leads the second online course by Magnum Photos, demonstrating the different techniques and approaches he uses in his photographic storytelling. In his first ever online course, you will follow the world-renowned visual storyteller as he navigates a range of different photographic scenarios, initiated after a random act – a dart thrown at a map.

Through an engaging curriculum of 19 in-depth video lessons you will learn about a variety of topics, from building a project to creating a photobook.

19 LessonsCovering Soth’s early career, portraiture, editing and sequencing, photobooks and much more.

5+ HoursIn-depth lessons and case studies totaling more than five hours of high-quality video content.

24/7 AccessNo deadlines, no time-limits. Enjoy the content at your own pace, available online 24/7.

Learn lessons from Soth’s own experience juggling jobs, finding time to create work, and the ten years of development prior to his breakthrough project, Sleeping by the Mississippi.


Your tutor discusses the ‘energy’ that people can bring to your work. See how Soth approaches portraits, including a pre-arranged session and unplanned encounters with strangers.


Learn about the power of editing in photography, and how to create meaning through sequencing.


Soth talks us through the decision-making behind his seminal photobook projects including Sleeping by the Mississippi, Niagara and Broken Manual, covering the process from maquette to hand-made dummy to the final publication.


Soth speaks at length on finding your ‘voice’ as an artist.

What you’ll learn

Overcoming creative challenges
Learn from Alec Soth’s experience juggling jobs, finding time to create work, and the ten years of development prior to his breakthrough project.

Building photographic projects
From ideas and research to shooting, creative momentum and finding meaning, Alec Soth breaks down his process of creating a body of work.

Photographing people
Discover the energy that people can bring to your work, the challenges of portraiture and the reasons to push yourself to overcome the fear of photographing strangers.

Creating a photobook
Understand the process of creating photobooks, from editing and sequencing, maquettes and book dummies, to the final publication

See Alec Soth at work
See the Magnum photographer shooting work on location using a variety of photographic approaches and equipment.

Unlock the editing process
Learn about the power of editing in photography, and how to create meaning through sequencing.


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Course content:

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the file is corrupt

Course Digger

Please make sure you download all parts completely. Switching to use another softwares to extract does work.


how do u install it in a Mac?


Is it possible to get the subtitles (french, or at least english) with this course ?


Thank you, guys..Please try to upload this course also.

ss ss

Hey, please upload new course by Bieke Depoorter from magnum