Photo Editing Basics in Lightroom Classic for Beginners — SkillShare — Free download

This course is designed for beginners and is covering all essentials that you’ll need to start editing photos in Lightroom Classic quickly and easily.

We won’t overwhelm you by explaining 100 ways of doing things – we’d rather show you what you REALLY need to know to be able to beautifully edit your images.

The class begins by explaining main types of images that you work with, quick walk through the interface, catalogues and then we dive right in the editing process. So you could enjoy it right away.

What is luminance, what does texture and shadows do? Which really important tweak is so commonly overlooked?

We’ll explain everything in human language with no complicated terms.

How to create beautiful colours, how to straighten your image, how to edit if the picture is super dark, how to change the colour of the flowers, sky or skin tone and other little tweaks, that will help you to create high quality images!

We’ll show you how we edit 3 specific pictures from start to finish, incorporating all techniques that was shown before.

If you like, you can download 2 original files and do it together. You‘ll be able to follow and edit along even if you have never opened and used Lightroom Classic before!

We edit thousands of images every month (here‘s our story, why we do it and how we started doing it: Our Story). We use Lightroom as our main tool and we‘d love to show you the most important features.

Once you’ve completed this course you will feel comfortable with Adobe Lightroom Classic and be able to start editing your own images.

You‘ll know how to correct the lightness of the image, crop and correct the angle, tweak colours, correct minor imperfections and much more.


Download these images to follow along step by step. Best way to learn is by doing it!

  1. Image
  2. Image


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Course content:


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