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Photo-Bashing for Concept Art Tutorial by Marc Brunet


Photo-Bashing for Concept Art Tutorial by Marc Brunet — Cubebrush — Free download

I​n this tutorial, concept illustrator Fausto De Martini explains his process of photo-bashing to create fast and effective designs. Photo-bashing refers to the process of using parts of photos, with minimal to heavy editing, and using those to achieve polished-looking concepts without having to spend too long painting everything.

It’s a technique widely used in film and game productions thanks to how time-effective it is.

The tutorial covers all the steps from the initial thumbnails to the final concept and is done in Photoshop CC (The custom brushes will only work for CC versions and up).

– 7 Chapters (1h37 minutes – 720p resolution)


PhotoBashConcept.zip   (download)
422.12 MB

Course content: https://cubebrush.co/mb/products/bniyw/photobashing-for-concept-art

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