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Your catalog of digital photos may contain tens of thousands of images, scattered across multiple devices. But they’re not just files; they’re family memories. So what are you doing to preserve your photos, particularly your very best shots?

Backup is important, but it’s not enough. Using keywords and other organizational features is also important—but also not enough. A complete, long-term photo archiving strategy involves multiple techniques: identifying those shots you want to preserve for generations, and then taking the steps necessary to make that happen. In this course, photographer and family historian Erika Thornes outlines a roadmap for storing, sharing, and archiving your family’s story through pictures. From culling and keywording, to backing up and producing archival prints and photo books, Erika details the steps that will make your collection of digital images accessible now and in the future.

Topics include:

  • Getting organizing
  • Culling the best images
  • Saving two local copies of each photo
  • Storing photos on the cloud
  • Posting photos to social media
  • Printing photos
  • Accessing archived images easily


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Course content:

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