Photigy – Wine Photography For Professionals Course: Shooting & Post – Production | File Size 2.35 GB | Free download

This course is dedicated to shooting wine. We cover several techniques such as: shooting catalog style, white wine on a black background, red wine on white background, classic look, creative approach, dramatic look.

You will also learn how to prepare a bottle of wine the shot.
You will follow the actual shooting process and work flow and not pre-staged video. What mistakes were made, what worked and what didn’t. It’s like being in the studio at the moment of recording.
Course also includes the post-production part with Genia Larionova. She will show great retouching techniques how to fine tune and make your image perfect.


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Course content:

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can you upload to another host, torrent seems no one seed

Course Digger

Will share direct link soon.


direct links are too slow